Thursday, June 21, 2007

Remember back in 1999, when everyone was obsessed with the word 'millenium' and how it was closely related with everything silver, including clothing? Yeah, almost embarassing isn't it? Aren't we just glad we got over the whole hullabaloo once and for all?

Okay, before you start panicking, "OH, NO!! Did somebody raise B-Best from its grave and try to resurrect its neo-millenium anthem Happy Happy 2000?", rest assured that the girls of B-Best are still resting peacefully in their crypt, buried alongside the only copy of their album.

These futuristically-clad army of skanks are Tata, Ina, and Purie, otherwise known as Dewi-Dewi, another by-product of Dhani Ahmad's delirium. This all-girl pop group is assembled from a talent-search reality show called "Ulfa Dwiyanti Cari Pembantu" "Obsesi Dewa Mencari Dewi-Dewi" (*chuckle* and they say there's nothing worse on TV than "Komedi Nakal")

Here they are, posing with their manager (and by manager, I mean pimp) on the launching party of their debut album "Recycle +", dressed a la kinky intergalactic S&M cadets from outer space on a carnal mission to sex the entire human race and send them into orgasmic oblivion. The album itself is hailed by the critics (and by the critics, I mean me) as "Geger Band sings the songs of Dewa... plus some other crap".

Ladies, I'm aware that you're just a bunch of minions who is not allowed to have an opinion. In fact, I'm sure that it's written in your contract that you're not permitted to say, "No, master", except when asked, "Are you pregnant?" or "Is that syphilis?". So I realize that you're not entirely to blame for this havoc. Because I know that when Dhani Ahmad ordered you to cover yourselves up with aluminium foil like a piece of roastbeef, you had no other choice but to say yes.

Posted by Neng Sarah


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