Thursday, May 17, 2007

Anyone with common sense knows that you should never wear a sheer nightie to an award show with pasty makeup, stringy hair and your bra showing.

However, if your movie got snubbed by the jury and wasn't even nominated for best picture while you have to put on a gracious front before the press when you're actually seething with megalomaniacal rage inside, I can understand if all common sense is gone as a result.

What I don't understand is how after all this brouhaha finally took its toll on you and you've decided to kill yourself by hanging and you've finally tied a noose around your neck, you still managed to halt your suicide attempt in order to attend the aforementioned award show... with the noose still tied around your neck!!

Yes, I'm talking about you, Nia Dinata, you with the Taman Lawang face and otherworldly fashion sense. Did you think people at the awards show were going to believe you telling them it's an ethnic scarf from Cambodia you have wrapped around your neck?

C'mon man... (pun intended) You simply have to accept that although daddy's ill-gotten fortune may buy you a production house and a Menteng mansion, it simply won't buy you a best picture piala Citra for "Berbagi Suami." Or good taste for that matter.

Mbak Diah

Posted by Mbak Diah


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