Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memes, Memes, Memes...

I thought I have clearly expressed my hostility towards those matching acid-washed denim vest and jeans of yours. Okay, maybe you didn't get it the first time. So let me just say it once again in a more intelligible term that you might understand...


I don't care how much you adore that ensemble you bought at Perahu Jeans in Cihampelas on your honeymoon trip in 1990. I'm also not impressed that you can still fit into them 2 kids and 17 years later. While yes, I admit that I did own a pair of acid-washed "baggy on top, tight on bottom" jeans with zippers down the ankles from IBC, Cihampelas (Hey, they were cool, okay?) , but I stopped wearing them the day Brenda Walsh lost her virginity to Dylan McKay (also known as The "Brenda and Kelly wears the same dress to the Spring Dance" episode).

And now you're wearing the aforementioned items out in the open yet again with a black tank, a multitude of rubber bangles, an unidentified object on your neck, and badly coiffed cornrows? (Hello, are you kidding me? Cornrows???)

Memes, you're the trophy wife of Addie MS, one of Indonesia's prominent musicians who owns an internationally acclaimed orchestra, for God's sake! You're supposed to be decked out from head to toe in Bottega Veneta or Fendi or some other upscale labels, relaxing in your chaise-lounge planning the seating arrangement for your next charity luncheon. You're not supposed to wander aimlessly around Tanah Abang after dark looking like a white trash from a trailer park somewhere in Nashville on a night out to the local bar with her truck driver boyfriend who's sporting a mullet and a handlebar moustache.

I must tell you, this type of behaviour is bringing shame to The MS family. I know you're devastated because your singing career is officially over 5 years ago. But you know what? Big deal! At least you're not a 30-something single woman with no steady income, who's getting a little too intimate with her vibrator, whose highlight of her life is bitching about Indonesian celebrities' fashion debacles on her two-bit version of Go Fug Yourself blog on her spare time.

PS. Go easy on the Botox, okay? One more shot and you run the risk of looking like Janice Dickinson.

Posted by Neng Sarah



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