Saturday, April 28, 2007

If there were a "Worst Mother Of The Year Award", the nominee list would comprise of such worthy names as Tamara Blezynski (for her manipulative and disgusting "I love you Rasyaaaa" media spectacle last week), Fatma Farida (for her much-publicised insane rants against daughter Kiki Fatmala), Mrs. Pratiwi (for teaching daughter Lydia the art of killing and maiming) and Mrs. Azhari (for producing such a distinctive brood of whores and drug addicts).

However, one nominee would stand out above the rest and eventually win the award: Rachel Amanda's mother.

First, Mommy let her eleven-year old daughter star as an elektra-complex-ridden preteen lusting after Restu Sinaga in that celluloid debacle "I Love You Om". Mind you, this film even features scenes of little Rachel stuffing her chest so she would look old enough to go clubbing and gyrate against 35-year-old Om Restu. Then Mommy thought since her daughter's only claim to fame was that one Lolita-esque role, she decided to capitalise on it and dress her daughter in pedophile-friendly outfits for subsequent public appearances.

Consider this picture taken at a Senayan City event last month. Overabundance of bows and the kuncir dua look firmly establish Rachel as a child but at the same time, the all-red scarlet harlot colour scheme and the short-short miniskirt dangerously veer into kiddie-porn territory. Note the big bow on her... um, nether regions (X marks the spot? *shudder*) showing us that subtlety certainly isn't Mommy's forte. The vertical frills however, are pure bad taste, plain and simple.

Hence don't be surprised if by the time she's 18, Rachel would end up with the fashion sense of a Tanjung Priuk hooker after a 20-sailor gangbang... thanks to mom.

Mbak Diah

Posted by Mbak Diah


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