Thursday, March 22, 2007

If there is one current fashion trend that I hate, it's the return of the leggings. There, I said it... I hate leggings. Women have fallaciously been wearing them as a substitute for real trousers or with minuscule bottoms for extra coverage. And if there's one thing I hate more than leggings, it's (gulp!) patterned sheer leggings. I'm certain they're masterminded by someone, allegedly a woman, who wanted to flaunt her legs but still conceal her nasty mosquito-bites or the "bekas kena knalpot" scar on her calf.

But apparently, there's someone who loooooves patterned sheer leggings so much, she wore them ALL the time. It's none other than Julia Perez, who recently wept incessantly on national television like a genuine victim and swore she did not secretly leak those risqué lesbo-erotic photographs of herself to the public as a cheap publicity stunt.

Duly noted, Mrs. Perez.


Upper-lobby of Hotel Gran Menteng, Jakarta.

Nothing goes best with rose-patterned sheer leggings than a camouflage micro-mini skirt and a cubic zirconia bling. And don't worry Julia, nobody associated the dollar sign with you being a money-grubbing whore.


Nasi Gila Menteng Plaza.

"Do you like my synthetic 100% nylon hair extension and false eyelashes?"
Julia struck a pose after a grueling day at "Laris 3" beauty salon and unleashed her inner "Playmate Of The Month" by donning a semi-transparent Playboy tanktop and a blue bra combo. And (again) don't worry Julia, nobody thinks you're a chick-with-dick even though you're still within 500 meter radius from Taman Lawang looking like a certified post-op transsexual.


6th floor of Hotel Gran Menteng, Jakarta.

Julia pulled out all the stops for an impromptu photo shoot before she headed home in a fetching 'lil denim hot pants, a cute dragonfly belly ring, and a raunchy knit top that showed off her strong point: her rigid larger-than-the-average nipples.
Oh yeah, work the elevator door, Julia! Work it!

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