Friday, March 09, 2007

It is an accepted fact in Indonesian high society that female celebrities start dressing insanely after going through a scandalous divorce. Titi, Tamara, Ulfa, we've seen them all wear some ridiculous eyesore at one point in their post-break-up lives. Now it seems that this disturbing phenomenon is afflicting the males as well.

Gusti Randa was so outraged when he first found out about his wife's affair with Soetrisno Bachir, he took a pair of scissors and cut up all Nia's dasters. After he'd calmed down, he saw all the torn pieces of fabric and thought, yes, his wife may spread her legs for politicians more times than a Babylonian whore, but there was no point in letting the torn dasters go to waste. So he gathered all the pieces of fabric, took them to the nearest tailor and had them made into a patchwork shirt, which he wore to his next divorce hearing.

Hmm... I wonder if Andrew Dougharty did the same thing to Titi DJ's entire Dior wardrobe?

Mbak Diah

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