Thursday, February 01, 2007

It was one week before MTV Indonesia Movie Awards in the Hoed-Goeslaw household and Melly still didn't know what to wear to the ceremony. So she switched the TV on and flipped through the channels, hoping something would inspire her to create something fabulous.

TPI was showing a Hong Kong martial arts film, "The Bride With White Hair."

"Dora The Explorer" was on Global TV.

There was a re-run of the old James Bond film "Moonraker" on Indosiar, featuring the bad guy who could bite through anything with his teeth.

"Phantom of the Opera" was on Bioskop Trans TV.

"Derap Hukum" on SCTV featured a main report on a trenchcoat-wearing Caucasian man who loved flashing his genitals to animals, causing much distress to the residents of Taman Ria Safari.

All of a sudden, Melly had a brilliant idea. She would combine everything she had just seen on her TV screen and create the most spectacular ensemble ever seen on Indonesian red carpets.

One week later...

Okay everyone, say it with me... ASTAGHFIRULLAH ALAZIM....

Mbak Diah

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