Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dear Nova Eliza,

1. Trying to look older than you really are was fun...WHEN YOU'RE 15!!! But when you're 30, NO, you don't do that anymore.

2. Vintage dressing does NOT translate to "rummage through your grandmother's closet, grab everything in sight, and put them all on for a night out on the town".

I don't get it, aren't you working for a fashion magazine now? You're supposed to be our fashion role model. I don't think any respectable fashionista would ever wanna look like "Oma-oma mau pergi ambil uang pensiun".

So please Nova, I demand you to bring back the old sleazy-dressing, cleavage baring, g-string-showing, man-eating, legs-spreading, herpes-transmitting Nova Eliza. Sure, she was tasteless, too. But at least she looked hot.

Neng Sarah.

Posted by Neng Sarah



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